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The benefits of Hyperbaric Chambers for Wellness

Hyperbaric therapy has been proven to have numerous health benefits that range from anti aging, faster recovery from injury to improved concentration and cognitive abilities. 

Those that choose to use Hyperbaric Chambers have the opportunity to many advantages, such as:

- Increased energy and endurance

-  Relief from altitude illness

-  Improved concentration and cognitive abilities

-  Increased antioxidant levels within the body

-  Effective treatment for digestive disorders and headaches

-  Faster recovery from injury and/or surgery

-  Relief from aching, swollen joints and muscles

-  Improved motor function and equilibrium

-  An overall feeling of healthy rejuvenation

Pick me up

Our 21st Century lifestyle has left many people stressed, anxious and with little energy. It may be affecting your sleep, relationship or health.


Imagine the chance to reemerge after an hour and feeling like you have been reset. A clearer mind, reenergized and feeling positive.


Welcome to our Hyperbaric Chamber! ​

Furthermore there are well-documented positive results for Hyperbaric Therapy with the following issues:

- Arthritis/Inflammatory Conditions
- Anti-Aging
- Fatigue
- Altitude Illness
- Chronic Pain
- Musculoskeletal Injury
- Fibromyalgia
- Stroke
- Parkinsons Disease
- Respiratory Conditions
- Autism
- Head Trauma
- Digestive Disorders

The Treatment

You arrive and your oxygen level will be taken, we will answer any questions or queries that you may have. You will be led into the treatment room where the Hyperbaric Chamber is situated.


You will get into the Chamber, you are allowed to take your phone or tablet in with you though we recommend having as little stimuli as possible inside the chamber


As the Chamber is slowly pressurized until 1.3 ATA (the equivalent to 10 feet below sea level) you will have to occasionally adjust your ears which may block similar to on a plane.


Once the Chamber is full, you will be able to sleep, listen to music or meditate. We recommend focussing on your breathing. Taking full breaths to help the oxygen circulate the body.


Once the session is complete, the Chamber will slowly be emptied and you will be invited to a glass of water as you sit down for five minutes. During these minutes we will retake your oxygen level and heart rate. 



60 min
1 session - $50
2 sessions - $80
3 sessions - $110
90 min
1 session - $75
2 sessions - $130
3 sessions - $180
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As a writer I am constantly looking for inspiration and new ideas that I can use for my work. Cusco provides me with so many of these but at times I just need a boost and I have found the Hyperbaric Chamber to be just this. I enter with a notebook and pen, start to meditate and I get so many great ideas. This awakened state continues for the whole day thereafter. 

For anybody that is feeling low, depressed, stressed, suffering from insomnia then you have to give this a go, you will not regret it. 


By the time I arrived to Cusco from Sydney, I had been traveling for 24 hours. Exhausted was definitely the word, I found I was slow, tired and out of breath. 

I decided to go for the "Feel Good Combo', which consisted of a 60 minute massage and a 60 minute session in the Hyperbaric Chamber. The massage was great in loosening the body and to address some lower back pains that I had from the planes. I then had to take a short walk to where the Hyperbaric Chamber was based and relaxed in the Chamber for 60 minutes. 

When I came out it was really like someone had reset me, I felt really good. Walking up hill was still tiring but I felt awake, the headache and dizziness had disappeared and I even treated myself to a Pisco Sour..

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