Running Specialist

Like any keen sports person, I have always been interested in trying to stay injury free, however I have experienced my fair share of injuries over the years, some more serious than others. What I came to realise is that all my injuries stemmed from my incorrect running technique, which created muscle imbalances during the thousands of miles that I ran. 

By addressing the core issues, adapting my running technique and strengthening important muscles, it has resulted in me not only running stronger and more economically, but also running with fewer injuries.


I have been trained in the Functional Biomechanics of Running by the Running School, London. I am able to identify inefficient and incorrect movement patterns whilst running as well as muscle imbalances and weaknesses, which often cause common running injuries. Furthermore can prepare an exercise plan to reteach the body a good running technique in order to run stronger. 


One Hour Running Assessment - $50

Let us give you a full running analysis. We use video analysis to identify inefficient or incorrect movement patterns whilst running and the functional movement analysis to identify any muscle imbalances. Once the tests have been completed we will recommend any alterations to your running technique and stretches and/or strengthening exercises to address any imbalances. In addition these will be sent to your email for future reference.


Running MOT - $85

During this extended session, you have all the benefits of the running assessment plus the extra element of us addressing your imbalances, getting stuck into the muscles and releasing some of the tightness through the use of trigger point and sports massage therapy.   


Who is this for?

The Running assessment and MOT is open to everybody who loves to run. From your once a month jogger to your elite athlete. Everybody gets injured so everybody can benefit.

Want to run whilst in Cusco?


Running in Cusco, at 3,400 metres above sea level, may seem like a crazy idea or the worst thing that you would want to do whilst visiting. However it is home to some beautiful routes, tracks and world class athletes and you get to experience some altitude training. 

I train early mornings, most days at the local tracks and at weekends I like to escape the city and explore the surrounding trails and countryside. 

If you are interested in running, be it for one day or longer, just drop me an email and I can introduce you to some the routes. 

Cost is free, purely enjoyment, just make sure you are fairly acclimatised. 

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