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If you are serious about your sport then this is too valuable to ignore. 

Whether you are a marathon runner, football player, or volleyball player, you want to be on top of your game and are constantly pushing harder and faster to be the best form of yourself. But what happens when you get injured? The threat of missing weeks, months or even years from overuse injuries, sprains, breaks, and tears can be both heartbreaking and frustrating. Trying to find the balance between excellence and injury is a thin line but it has gotten a lot easier thanks to Cusco Therapeutic Massage. Our treatments could be the difference from reaching your peak or watching from the sidelines. 


Our treatments are unique for each sportsperson, giving special attention to their distinctive problem areas. However all our treatments are based on 'Fast Recovery'.  

Fast Recovery: Imagine being able to have a hard training session and having the ability to recover faster, allowing you to fit another training session in. Or pulling your hamstring but being able to return to full fitness in a shorter timeframe.

Hyperbaric Chamber:  By going under pressure, oxygen is forced to dissolve into the plasma and get to the injured areas (be it muscle fibers from a hard training session or injured tissue from an injury) saturating the hypoxic tissue, muscle, and bone. This forces the inflammation to go down and the growth of new blood vessels forcing accelerated healing and recovery, which reduces bruising, swelling and pain.

Sports Massage: Massage not only loosens you up, it also aids recovery post-workout. Muscles need nutrients to recover, and massage improves circulation, bringing those nutrients faster. 


In addition to Faster Recovery, both the Hyperbaric Chamber and Sports Massage can help with these additional important factors for any athlete:

Quality of Sleep: Any sportsman knows how important sleep is. The body recovers at a faster rate when it is sleeping as it is able to focus on repair, in addition you feel more energized and function better cognitively. By decreasing anxiety and stress levels, as well as increasing the release of serotonin you will be able to improve on the quality of your sleep and doing so aide your performance.

Overall Health: Overall health is important as much to an athlete as it is to the next person. Improving your immune system, fighting infection and working directly with the nervous system to leave you calmer and more relaxed is only going to complement your training. 

Hyperbaric Chamber

Our Hyperbaric Chamber is the perfect tool to help you recover faster from injury or a hard training session.

Used by many elite athletes within the NBA, NFL and Premiership it is becoming a key in being able to give athletes that extra % to separate themselves from the crowd.

In addition, for any athlete that is coming to participate in Cusco, Hyperbaric therapy will help you acclimatize faster and being able to compete to your maximum.


For any football team or athlete this is the perfect answer.  

Sports Massage

​Our Sports massage aims to help alleviate stress and tension which builds up in the body’s soft tissue areas during physical activity. Sports Massage can help prevent those niggling injuries that so often get in the way of performance and achievement. Furthermore it can promote flexibility, reduce fatigue and improve endurance whether one is an athlete, ardent keep-fitter or a once a week jogger.

Our treatments last 60 minutes and focus on your problem areas to help you get back to your best. 

Monthly & Yearly Packages - for the Serious Athletes


Please remember that it is a minimum 3 month commitment for any athlete package.



1 x Sports Massage (60 minutes) & 1 x Hyperbaric Therapy (70 minutes) per month 

This is for the athlete who knows the importance of looking after their body and investing in it, so they can achieve all their goals. 

You are able to choose which days to come for your sessions and can coincide them with hard training days or fixtures.

Monthly - 250 soles

Yearly - 2500 soles (saving of 500 soles)


2 x Sports Massages (60 minutes) & 2 Hyperbaric Therapies (70 minutes) per month

This is for the professional athlete who puts his body through a rigorous training regime. You will be able to recover faster, address any niggles before they become problem areas and perform at a higher level and intensity.  

Monthly - 450 soles

Yearly - 4500 soles (saving of 900 soles)


You tell us how many sessions you need.


This is for the athlete who knows what they want and need. We will organize a recovery plan that is unique and perfect for you, to enable you to perform to the highest standard. 

Monthly - tbc

Yearly - tbc

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