Cusco therapeutic massage &  ALTITUDE treatment 


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  • Combo: 60 minute massage & hyperbaric chamber - $80 (Normal price $90)

  • Combo: 90 minute massage & hyperbaric chamber - $120 (Normal price $130)

Cusco Therapeutic Massage and Altitude Treatment

Our studio is the leader in wellness in Cusco. Our massage therapists have been professionally trained and take an integrative and personal approach during each session to ensure that the treatment that you receive will be the most effective for you. 

Whether you are looking to relax your muscles after a tiring tour, trek or flight, or whether you have a chronic injury or recent muscle strain, we will do our upmost to get your body back to feeling its best. 


In addition our Hyperbaric Chamber is the perfect tool in combatting the affects of Altitude sickness, Jet Lag and for improving recovery from injury and fatigue.

Finally, for those serious about treating their bodies then discover our Combos, which will be like clicking the reset button.

Please remember we only work with appointments so please contact us or Book Online to reserve your space.



Before seeing Dan: As the result of an accident a few days before, I was unable to put on my socks and tie my shoelaces, I could not lift my bags and too much sitting or too much movement increased my back pain. My husband had to assist me in so many ways.

After seeing Dan: I tied my own shoe laces then I hiked the Inca Trail starting the following day.

Dan is highly professional, genuinely caring and extremely skilled. He found and released the tight muscles limiting my mobility and causing the pain in only one, one and a half hour treatment. He quite literally saved my family trip of a life time. I have been to other massage therapists; Dan is one of the best and I have absolutely no reservation in recommending him.


I've been seeing Dan for a few weeks and I strongly recommend him.

There are lots of places to get a massage in Cuzco, there are dozens of people offering you them on the street all day everyday. You pay $3 for a rub down from someone with no training who talks on the phone and constantly wanders in and out. Not a relaxing experience and you get what you pay for.

In contrast, Dan is a fully qualified therapeutic masseur. He gives you the treatment you need and helps fix those long-term problem areas over several sessions. I've had hip and lower back problems for years which are now so much better. 

For professional and long-lasting treatment that you are happy with, go to Cusco Therapeutic Massages!


Daniel from Cusco Therapeutic Massage is a wonderful, attentive and caring practitioner. His skills and experience definitely make you feel safe and supported throughout the treatment. The results speak for themselves, as you will feel relaxed and revived. 

I found it especially useful after the long haul flights from Australia to reset my body clock and re-balance from jet lag and altitude challenges. Also, after long and enduring hikes up the majestic mountains of Peru, Daniel's professional touch made such a big difference from recovery.

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Meet The Team

Dan Rowe

A massage therapist whose made it his goal to get your body feeling its best so you can enjoy Cusco to the maximum.

Gregory Hogemann

Gregory is an extremely experienced massage therapist who focuses on generating the best results of his clients.

Rodrigo Figueroa

Rodrigo is an intuitive therapist who uses his knowledge and experience to get his clients feeling their best.

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